Expert Activity

The aim of the paint industry experts' work is to ensure high quality surface-protection job for the customers. The preconditions of the successful execution of painting and surface-protection process are the elaboration of the technology most suitable for on-site needs, the correct choice of the coating and the monitoring of the execution.

The tests required for our expert activities are carried out according to the current MSZ EN ISO standards.


1. Status survey

During the on-site status survey our experts define the individual requirements and possibilities and document the initial status. If needed they also prepare documentation about the technology of the renewal and assist in selecting the most suitable coating system.

Prior to the renovation works of engineering structures the following tests will be carried out during the preparation of the status survey of the coating system:

  • visual inspection; determination of the failure degree of the old coating (chalking, cracks, embrittlement, scaling, staining, rusting through etc.),
  • measurement of layer thickness,
  • adhesion test (by grid-cutting test and upright tear-off),
  • other tests if necessary (colour measurement, gloss measurement, hardness measurement etc.).

In case of a new engineering structure, the task is the survey of the initial surface.

2. Painting technology elaboration

The target is to select the coating system and application technology which best meets the requirements of the efficient and high quality performance of the coating and surface protection works. Based on the preliminary survey of the structure and taking the requirements into account, a proposal is prepared for the application technology, which includes the following:

  • the tasks prior to the commencement of the surface protection work,
  • the degree of the necessary surface-protection work (spot reparation, complete renovation, application of a new coating system),
  • the way of surface preparation
  • the type and structure of the recommended new coating system,
  • the application method,
  • the minimum total layer thickness of the recommended new coating system.

3. Checking the preparation of a reference coating

We undertake the supervision and documentation at the preparation of the reference surface with the consent of the concerned parties (owner, operator, contractor, paint distributor), to declare that the reference painting work is carried out according to the requirements.

The aim of preparing a reference surface is to carry out a trial painting under controlled conditions and – in case of eventual future deficiencies – the question of responsibility can be explicitly decided. The reference surface can also be used for checking warranty requirements, if the contractual parties have preliminarily agreed on it.

Tests carried out while checking the preparation of the reference surface:

  • monitoring the environmental conditions during the surface-protection work, (temperature and humidity of air and object, dew-point)
  • during the application of each paint layer:
    • checking the coverage degree of the surface and the evenness of the coating
    • measurement of wet and dry coating thickness,
    • adhesion test

4. On-site supervision of the coating application

We regularly supervise coating application works at painting, surface protection system renewals for high value objects, documenting at the same time the phases of the work process. These checks cover the environmental conditions of the surface-protection work, moreover the application and properties of each layer.

Based on the on-site checking, a summarized report is prepared, documented with photos, which includes the following:

  • coverage degree of the engineering structure, condition of the coating system, eventual missing layers and deficiencies,
  • measurement results,
  • the way of repairing eventual detected deficiencies,
  • qualification of the engineering structure in respect of corrosion protection.

The on-site supervision of the application work and paint parameters increases the lifespan of the coating, maintenance periods can be pushed out and so the loss of production caused by the renewals can be reduced.

5. Investigation of the defects of coating systems

During use various defects might appear on different industrial engineering structures. . Defining the reasons of the defects is always carried out based on a special agreement. The choice of the necessary tests depends on the type of defect. The tests can be executed on-site or/and in a laboratory.

The test report includes:

  • results of the executed tests,
  • assumable reason for the defect,
  • technology to eliminate the defect.

Paint production

Heat resistant paints for stoves, fireplaces, boilers, BBQ sets, smoke pipes, exhausters etc, exposed to permanent high temperature. Universal wood coating systems for furnitures, wooden stairs, doors and windows. Abrasion resistant coatings for wood and concrete floors. Two component paints for steel structures and swimming pools.

Our paint factory produces our own products on direct customer orders.

Paint production

Paint testing

Our quality control test laboratory has been operating as an accredited laboratory since 1990. The Qualilakk Laboratory was accredited by the National Accreditation Authority(NAH) according to the standard MSZ EN ISO / IEC 17025.

We divide the tests into two groups:
1. Testing of liquid paints before application
2. Testing of ready coatings on the prescribed surface.

Paint testing

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