R-EPOX Primer Two component corrosion protective paint

R-EPOX primer is suitable for the anticorrosive priming of steel and aluminium substrates, and filling of smaller surface unevennesses. Applied in 1 or 2 layers at 50-80 μm thickness a flexible coating can be formed. When applied in 2 layers, it can also be used as a well good sanding filler. Excellent for abrasion resistant priming of concrete and wooden indoor floors.


  • Outdoor steel structures
  • Machineries, vehicles
  • Industrial armatures
  • Indoor footways, floors


  • Cures at room temperature
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Good resistance against chemical agents and solvents
  • Excellent anticorrosion properties
  • Easy to apply


Clean the metal surface from oxides and grease. Stir component „A” thoroughly and measure out 7 weight units, then mix it with 1 weight unit of component „B” until the mixture becomes homogenous. Obtain a consistency suitable for application by adding R-EPOX thinner as necessary. Do not prepare more mixture than what will be used within about 8 hours. Can be applied by pneumatic and airless spraying as well.

In case of accelerated drying at 90°C a 40-50 μm thick coating layer will be cured in 30 minutes

Research and Development

Our R&D Department elaborates paint formulations for industrial use. Primary task is to realize FKI's own product development targets. Technical Service lab is part of the R&D department, which adjusts the paint parameters to customers' requirements and renders direct technical assistance.

We take part in national and international development projects in cooperation with industrial partners and university research teams.

Research and Development

Expert activity

The aim of the paint industry experts' work is to ensure high quality surface-protection job for the customers. The preconditions of the successful execution of painting and surface-protection process are the elaboration of the technology most suitable for on-site needs, the correct choice of the coating and the monitoring of the execution.

The tests required for our expert activities are carried out according to the current MSZ EN ISO standards.

Expert activity

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Development engineer/ Technical Service Unit

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Development engineer/ Technical Service Unit

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Head of Technical Experts' team

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Technical expert / Expert’s team

+36 1 432 8840 korrozio[at]festekkutato[d0t]hu

Technical expert / Expert’s team

+36 1 432 8840 korrozio[at]festekkutato[d0t]hu

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