POLIMASZTWater based coating for chassis protection

POLIMASZT paint is suitable to protect the chassis of motor vehicles (trucks, buses, cars) against corrosion. Forms thick and elastic coating with excellent protection against stone chipping and other mechanical impacts.

Can be applied in a thick layer, without dropping, by brush, roller or high-pressure spraying.


  • Protection against corrosion on chassis of motor vehicles (trucks, buses, cars) and
  • Steel constructions.


  • Air-drying
  • Flexible
  • Impact resistant
  • Anticorrosion coating
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-flammable


Apply POLIMASZT at a temperature above 10ºC onto a carefully de-greased and cleaned metal substrate, onto a previous protective coating, or onto an anticorrosion primer. Form a 0,5 mm thick layer by high-pressure spraying. If applied by brush or roller, make at least three layers. Thinning with maximum 5-10 % of water is allowed. Environmentally friendly, non-flammable!

Research and Development

Our R&D Department elaborates paint formulations for industrial use. Primary task is to realize FKI's own product development targets. Technical Service lab is part of the R&D department, which adjusts the paint parameters to customers' requirements and renders direct technical assistance.

We take part in national and international development projects in cooperation with industrial partners and university research teams.

Research and Development

Expert activity

The aim of the paint industry experts' work is to ensure high quality surface-protection job for the customers. The preconditions of the successful execution of painting and surface-protection process are the elaboration of the technology most suitable for on-site needs, the correct choice of the coating and the monitoring of the execution.

The tests required for our expert activities are carried out according to the current MSZ EN ISO standards.

Expert activity

Contact Persons

Development engineer/ R&D Department

+36 1 4328844 dani.nikoletta[at]festekkutato[d0t]hu

Head of Technical Service Unit

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Development engineer/ Technical Service Unit

+36 1 432 8844 vargazsofi[at]festekkutato[d0t]hu

Development engineer/ Technical Service Unit

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Head of Technical Experts' team

+36 1 4328840 korrozio[at]festekkutato[d0t]hu

Technical expert / Expert’s team

+36 1 432 8840 korrozio[at]festekkutato[d0t]hu

Technical expert / Expert’s team

+36 1 432 8840 korrozio[at]festekkutato[d0t]hu

Please feel free to contact our colleagues or call us
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