Our quality control test laboratory has been operating as an accredited laboratory since 1990. The Qualilakk name and logo were copyrighted in 1995. The Qualilakk Laboratory works according to the MSZ EN ISO, DIN and ASTM standards.

The Qualilakk Laboratory was accredited by the Hungarian National Accreditation Authority (NAH) according to the standard MSZ EN ISO / IEC 17025. You can check the list of the accredited tests on the homepage of NAH.

The tests we perform fall into two basic categories:

Tests of liquid paints

List of properties to be tested prior to application.

MSZ 9650-13:1977
Amount and solidity of sediment
MSZ 9650-14:1988 (withdrawn standard)
MSZ 9650-17:1977
Colour comparison (visual)
MSZ EN ISO 3668:2001
MSZ 9650-7:1988
MSZ EN ISO 9514:2000
MSZ 9650-18:1979
MSZ 9650-23:1978
MSZ EN ISO 16862:2006
Flow time
MSZ EN ISO 2431:2012
DIN 53211:1987 (withdrawn standard)
ASTM D 5125:1991
Viscosity with rotational viscometer
MSZ EN ISO 3219:2000
Viscosity with Brookfield viscometer
MSZ ISO 2555:1991
ASTM D 2196:1999
MSZ 9650-16:1975 (withdrawn standard)
Hiding power, spreading rate
MSZ 9650-22:1989
Hiding power (contrast ratio)
ISO 6504-3:2007
MSZ EN ISO 3248:2000
MSZ ISO 2811-1:2011
Volatile and non-volatile content
MSZ EN ISO 3251:2009
térfogatos nem illó anyag tartalom
MSZ EN ISO 3233-1:2013
Fineness of grind
MSZ EN ISO 1524:2013
ASTM D 1210:1988
Flash point to Abel-Pensky
MSZ 9650-26:1982 (withdrawn standard)
Pigment-resin ratio
MSZ 9650-8:1983 (withdrawn standard)
Pigment content
MSZ EN ISO 14680-1:2006
Drying time to Bandow-Wolff
MSZ EN ISO 9117-5:2013
DIN 53150:1995
Drying time:
- surface drying MSZ EN ISO 9117-3:2010
- tack free condition MSZ EN ISO 9117-6:2013
- fully cured condition MSZ EN ISO 9117-1:2009
MSZ EN ISO 9117-2:2010
MSZ 9650-24:1979
Wet thickness
MSZ EN ISO 2808:2007
ASTM D 1212:1991
Volatile organic compounds (VOC) Part 1.: Differential method
MSZ EN ISO 11890-1:2008
more or less

Tests of coatings

Physical properties testing

These tests can be carried out on freshly applied or aged coatings and are often used following durability and corrosion resistance tests

MSZ EN ISO 2808:2007
Hardness by pencil
MSZ 9640-2:1989 (withdraw standard)
MSZ EN ISO 15184:2013
ASTM D 3363:1992
Hardness by Dur-O-Test
MSZ 9640-41:1983
Pendulum hardness
MSZ EN ISO 1522:2007
ASTM D 4366:1992
Hardness by Buchholz
MSZ EN ISO 2815:2003
Hardness by Shore D
MSZ EN ISO 868:2003
Scratch resistance (A type)
MSZ EN ISO 1518-1:2011
Flexibility (bend test)
MSZ EN ISO 1519:2011
Cupping resistance
MSZ EN ISO 1520:2007
Impact resistance
MSZ EN ISO 6272-1:2012
MSZ EN ISO 6272-2:2012
Adhesion (cross cut)
MSZ EN ISO 2409:2013
ASTM D 3359:1992
Adhesion (pull off test)
MSZ EN ISO 4624:2003
ASTM D 4541:1995
Abrasion resistance by Taber-Abraser
ASTM D 4060:1990
MSZ EN ISO 7784-2:2006
Impact resistance by ball dropping
DIN 53154:1974
Stone chipping
MSZ EN ISO 20567-1:2007
ASTM D 3170:2003
Scrub resistance and cleanability
MSZ EN ISO 11998:2006
Spark-over voltage, porosity check
MSZ EN ISO 29601:2011
ASTM D 5162:1991
Porosity and cracking
MSZ 9640-31:1988
Compatibility of layers
MSZ 9640-33:1979
Water resistance
MSZ 9640-11:1983 (withdrawn standard)
Resistance to water based detergents
MSZ 9640-13:1988
Resistance to organic chemical agents
MSZ 9640-28:1988
Resistance to liquids Immersion in liquids other than water
MSZ EN ISO 2812-1:2007
Immersion in water
MSZ EN ISO 2812-2:2007
Method using an absorbent
MSZ EN ISO 2812-3:2013
Spotting (drop) method
MSZ EN ISO 2812-4:2007
Fast temperature change test
MSZ 9640-15:1980
Aging due to exposure to heat
MSZ 9640-16:1984
Dry-hot weathering test B test
MSZ EN 60068-2-2:1995
MSZ 9619-2:1975
ASTM E 1347:1990
MSZ 9619-3.1975/1M:1978
MSZ EN ISO 11664-1,-2,-3,-4:2011
MSZ EN ISO 2813:2000
ASTM D 523:1989
Testing of chalking
MSZ EN ISO 4628-6:2012
more or less

Corrosion resistance

These test methods are designed to imitate natural circumstances. If you are more concerned with the effect of sunlight, moisture and temperature on the actual surface coating, please see later, under “Durability”.

Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems. Part 1: General introduction
MSZ EN ISO 12944-1:2000
Part 2: Classification of types of environment
MSZ EN ISO 12944-2:2000
Part 3: Design considerations
MSZ EN ISO 12944-3:2000
Part 4: Types of surface and surface preparation
MSZ EN ISO 12944-4:2000
Part 5: Protective coating systems
MSZ EN ISO 12944-5:2008
Part 6: Laboratory test methods for assessing the anticorrosion performance.
MSZ EN ISO 12944-6:2000
Part 7: Execution and supervision of paint work
MSZ EN ISO 12944-7:2000
Part 8: Development of specifications for new works and for maintenance
MSZ EN ISO 12944-8:2000
Testing anticorrosion performance in salt spray chamber
MSZ EN ISO 9227:2006
DIN 50021:1988
ASTM B 117:1990
Testing anticorrosion performance in humidity chamber
DIN 50017:1982
Determination of resistance to humidity (continuous condensation)
MSZ EN ISO 6270-1:2001
Determination of resistance to humidity (condensed water in a constant climate)
MSZ EN ISO 6270-2:2005
Evaluation of accelerated corrosion test
MSZ EN ISO 4628-1,2,3,4,5, 7:2003
MSZ EN ISO 4628-6:2012
MSZ EN ISO 4628-8:2013
DIN 53209:1970 (standard cancelled)
DIN 53210:1978 (standard cancelled)
ASTM D 714:1987
ASTM D 610:1995
ASTM D 1654:1992
Cyclic corrosion conditions, (salt fog/dry&hot/humidity)
MSZ EN ISO 11997-1:2006
Cyclic corrosion conditions, (salt fog/dry&hot/humidity/UV)
MSZ EN ISO 11997-2:2013
Examination of corrosion resistance by immersion in a salt solution
MSZ EN ISO 15710:2006
Natural weathering test
MSZ EN ISO 2810:2004
more or less

Durability Tests

These tests are designed to measure the effect of sunlight, moisture and temperature on coatings applied to a variety of substrates. If you are more concerned with the way that surface coatings protect substrates from corrosion, please refer to the Corrosion resistance tests here above.

Resistance to the joint effect of light and moisture (by Xenon bulb)
MSZ EN ISO 16474-1,-2:2014
MSZ EN ISO 11341:2000 (visszavont szabvány)
Resistance to the joint effect of light and moisture (by fluorescent tube)
MSZ EN ISO 16474-1,-3:2014
MSZ EN ISO 11507:2007 (withdrawn standard) ASTM G 53:1991
Natural weathering test
MSZ EN ISO 2810:2004

Expert activity

The aim of the paint industry experts' work is to ensure high quality surface-protection job for the customers. The preconditions of the successful execution of painting and surface-protection process are the elaboration of the technology most suitable for on-site needs, the correct choice of the coating and the monitoring of the execution.

The tests required for our expert activities are carried out according to the current MSZ EN ISO standards.

Expert activity

Research and Development

Our R&D Department elaborates paint formulations for industrial use. Primary task is to realize FKI's own product development targets. Technical Service lab is part of the R&D department, which adjusts the paint parameters to customers' requirements and renders direct technical assistance.

We take part in national and international development projects in cooperation with industrial partners and university research teams.

Research and Development

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